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About Us


Born from a backyard hobby, NECC has evolved into a beacon of cider excellence under the leadership of Miguel Galarraga. Starting with handcrafted tools to press local apples, we now source the finest juice from Massachusetts to meet growing demand. Our hard cider is a celebration of simplicity and traditional methods, with every batch starting with fresh apple juice, fermented to perfection in Wallingford, CT. Visit NECC for a genuine taste of Connecticut’s finest cider.



Our Story

Born from a passion for homebrewing and the simple joy of sharing good times with friends, NECC has transformed from a backyard hobby into a thriving business. It all started with a handmade apple crusher and press, allowing us to craft 20 gallons of hard cider at a time. What began as a fun experiment has now blossomed into an entrepreneurial journey, led by Miguel Galarraga, a dedicated enthusiast with a background in the automotive industry.

Our Growth

Initially, NECC managed the entire process from apple selection to juice extraction in-house. As demand for our hard cider grew, we partnered with local suppliers in Massachusetts to source the finest freshly pressed apple juice. This shift allows us to maintain our commitment to quality and simplicity in cider making.

What is Cider?

Cider is fermented apple juice, distinct from the unfermented juice often referred to as 'cider' in the US. At NECC, we cherish the rich, natural flavors of both clarified and unclarified apple juices, each offering a unique taste profile to our ciders.

How We Make Our Cider

At NECC, the cider-making process begins with 1600 gallons of fresh apple juice delivered from Massachusetts to our Wallingford facility. Here, the juice is carefully fermented in open primary vessels, ensuring every batch captures the essence of traditional cider making.

Visit Us

Experience the authentic taste of Wallingford’s own hard cider. NECC invites you to discover our passion for cider making, where every sip brings a piece of our journey to your glass.

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