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Watermelon 5.2% abv

Strawberry 5.2% abv

Black Currant 6.4% abv  

Spruce Willis 5.2% abv

Blueberry 5.2% abv

Fresh Blend  5.2% abv


Our Story

New England Cider Company was founded by Miguel Galarraga and Seth Hart in 2013. Sparked by their interest in craft beers and home brewing came to the idea of making cider, a drink they both enjoyed making, drinking and sharing. Miguel and Seth started making cider in 2009 in their own backyard with a homemade press and chopper. As their cider making hobby grew, so did their enthusiasm and passion, leading to more ingredients, experiments, and encouragement from family and friends to share their special elixir with a wider audience.

New England Cider Company opened its first Cidery in Wallingford Connecticut in late 2013. The space was converted to our needs. It was important to have a location central to our supply and set up with all phases of production in mind. We traveled to Indiana in 2013 to purchase a production line including an auger, mill, and hydraulic press. After a few tests run we have the production line running at approximately 100 gallons an hour. Flex tank fermenters in sizes 80 and 200 gallons were brought in. To complete the basic we built an industrial refrigerator to store the final product.

Find our cider!

We began distributing our cider throughout the state as of March 2020. If there is a place you'd like to see our cider, reach out!



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110 North Plains Industrial Road. Suite A
Wallingford, CT, United States

Monday-Saturday: 12-7pm
Sunday: 12-6pm

info@newenglandcider.com(203) 793-7646

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