New England Cider is an inclusive experience that welcomes any and all. It intends not to shock the palates of

drinkers but rather educate and elevate them with both traditional and non-traditional, well-crafted ciders.

Our ciders are made with simple ingredients and often times feature some of our favorite fruits.

They are never made with artificial sweeteners or flavors,  always with fresh and ideally locally sourced ingredients! 

Viva 6.0% abv

Spruce Willis 4.2% abv

Pumpkin 5.2% abv

Pineapple 5.2% abv  

Blueberry 5.2% abv

Fresh Blend 5.2% abv

*Subject to change*


Fresh Blend

Our flagship hard apple cider; crisp, semi-sweet cider is blended with real apple juice and no artificial sweeteners. Fresh Blend is made to be a classic, crisp and refreshing.

5.2% ABV


A classic seasonal hard apple cider. Crisp, semi-sweet, and blended with real apple juice, pumpkin puree, and pumpkin spice. Close your eyes, take a sip and experience Autumn in a can.

5.2% ABV


Smooth, sweet and crisp, Raspberry packs a flavor reminiscent of grabbing a handful of berries off the bush.  It's a mildly tart cider that is easy to drink and is available throughout the year.

5.2% ABV

Passion Fruit

Have you ever had a passion fruit? The flavor has nuances of  tropical fruits such as pineapple, papaya, mango and guava, melded together as one...this time with a cidery twist.

5.2% ABV

Golden Russet

No potatoes were harmed in the making of this cider. Golden Russet is available depending on the liquidity of the apples. The cider is dry with  notes of peppercorn and strawberry.

8.5% ABV


Flowery and spicy, our Hopped cider primarily uses cascade hops from local CT hop growers. This cider is made as a special treat throughout the year.

5.2% ABV


As a part of our core series, this Dry cider drinks like a Chardonnay. It is crisp and refreshing but low in sweetness. This cider acts as the base for most fruited and herbal ciders we offer. 

3.5% ABV


Similar to the fruit itself, this cider is a little tart and a little sweet but with a big berry flavor.  Cranberry is a seasonal favorite and arrives  just in time to give thanks.  

5.2% ABV


With an exceptional juiciness and vibrant tropical flavor, Pineapple is semi-sweet citrus cider that is undoubtedly refreshing. This cider made with pineapple puree, yum.

5.2% ABV


A summertime favorite, Watermelon is made using dozens of whole watermelons that we juice in house. This cider is crisp, refreshing and incredibly  juicy.

5.2% ABV


Earthy and a little sweet, Beet cider is made with local Wallingford beets. When we get them we bring them to a  boil in house, peel them, then puree the beets to blend with our cider.   

5.2% ABV

Pink Lady

Crisp and bright with an effervescent finish, Pink Lady hard apple cider comes around once a year. Refreshing and sweet, hitting the spot for a cold spring day.

5.2% ABV


Blueberry has a fan favorite since it's initial release. This crisp, semi-sweet cider is blended with real apple juice and blueberry concentrate. Refreshing, crisp, and packed with flavor. 

5.2% ABV

Purple Rain

A blend between our ever so popular Blueberry with a twist of Ginger. The ginger warms you up, and the back flavor of the blueberries hits with a note of sweetness. 

5.2% ABV


Strawberry is available in the spring and summer with an occasional splash in between. Ripe and juicy, this cider is like walking up to a farm-stand and grabbing a carton! 

5.2% ABV

Black Currant

Packed with earthy notes and aromatic hints of vanilla and wildflowers Black Currant is a fruited cider that is tart, sporadic and hold a dark berry flavor. 

5.2% ABV

Spruce Willis

Spruce Willis is a reminiscent of how trees smell, mild in flavor, fresh in aroma and easy to drink. The spruce tips are harvested in early spring and have a bright, citrusy flavor. 

5.2% ABV


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