Our Ciders

Always on draft: 

Fresh Blend - our flagship cider, back sweetened with fresh juice to give it that fresh apple flavor. 

All other ciders go on draft and come off depending on how we’re feeling. 


The usual suspects: (made all year but won't necessarily be on draft when you come in) 

Viva - Clean and dry and the base to most of our other ciders

Blueberry - one word says it all

Black Currant - dry and tart 

Ginger - A nice light ginger flavor on this one

Purple Rain - blueberry/ginger blend

Hopped Cider - hop variety can vary on this guy


Seasonal: (these come out once in a while)

Pumpkin - made with real pumpkin puree and spices

Cranberry -  slightly sweet and tart

Spiced - holidays in a glass

Cranberry/Ginger - do we have to spell it out for you?

Lavender Cider - it doesn’t taste like soap

Lemon Verbena - herbaceous and lemony 

Mint - it tastes like mint

Passion Fruit - fresh and fruity

Pineapple - island life in CT

Raspberry -  fruity 

Roasted Maple - sweet and toasty 

Spruce Willis - evergreen forest in your face

Dabinett- Single variety apple-  Dry and wine like


Available in package stores: Ice cider: 375 ml bottle, we freeze concentrate fresh juice and then ferment the concentrated juice. This leaves a higher alcohol wine style beverage called ice cider. Ice cider has more residual sugar so it's on the sweeter side but is nicely balanced with acidity. It makes for a great dessert drink or aperitif.  Also available in the tasting room while in stock. 

Fresh Blend


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